Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kim Komando - Talks about our facebook deals... we already knew about this

Freebies that make Facebook better

Facebook is the most popular social-networking site around. Checking it is a regular activity for many people. But that requires logging onto the Facebook Web site. What a pain!

For one, logging on takes time. And the Facebook Web site is overflowing with information. Sometimes it's too much. But there are simpler ways to interact with Facebook. And you can do it right from your desktop.

Sobees–Want to tie all your social networks together? This program is for you. Use it to manage Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn accounts. Update all of them from a single form. Check messages and upload photos. You can track all your social connections in one place.

Facebook Toolbar–This program puts Facebook at the top of your browser. It's actually a handy browser toolbar. Search Facebook from the search bar. Check your friends' status updates from a drop-down list. You see new friend requests, pokes and messages. You can check it all at a glance.

Seesmic Desktop–This program is an attractive desktop application for social networking. It can be used to manage your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can view and post to both at the same time. You can even manage multiple accounts in the program. It can be the one social-networking stop for the entire family.

Photo Uploader for Facebook–The name of this program is a little confusing. It lets you upload photos to your Facebook account from your desktop. That's really handy. But it also lets you manage the rest of your account. You can check your friends' activity and post updates. You can even chat.

fbquick–There's a ton of information on Facebook. Sometimes it's nice to dig through everything your friends are doing. But sometimes you just want to know what's new. This program notifies you of recent updates right on your desktop. Pop-ups will tell you about new wall posts, friend requests and more.

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Cost: Free
System: Windows XP, Vista and 7, Mac OS X

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