Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Publix - BONUS!!!

I have been so busy this week that I have failed to do much of anything. I finally made it to the store last night for the first time this sales week but found out something very worthwhile. For those of you that received the Sunday paper yesterday, there was a $20/$50 purchase coupon for World Market. It was told to me last night that Publix, at least the one on Trolley Rd., accepts this coupon as a competitor!

Therefore, if you have a copy or two in which you’ve tossed into the recycling bin, go dig it back out…we had to do that last night…but it will be worth it as I’m currently concocting a deal that includes capri suns, sugar, huggies diapers, huggies wipes, and several other things. Please note that this coupon does expire on the 25th of this month…so today, tomorrow, and the first day of our new sales week!
Here’s a printable…click on the weekly ad!

**HUGE THANKS Reaping In Abundance**

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