Friday, November 27, 2009

MySurvey is sending me a new test item!

I have mentioned this before.

This survey site is AWESOME!

I just took another survey worth 5 points. I was then asked if I would continue it a bit further for an extra 30 points. Of course I did that then they asked if I would be willing to fill out a few more surveys if they mailed me the product to try! HECKYES!

The last products they sent me were paper towels. Can't complain! Those suckers get expensive after a while! This time it will be something yummy! I can't wait. I'm not sure if I am allowed to mention just what it is, but you can be sure I will blog about it!

They might have changed some rules about how many points they give when you sign up, but when I signed up under a girlfriend I got a bonus of 850 points! At 1000 points you can pick through a list of gift certificates or just opt for a check. I have gotten $20 so far and I am waiting on my next $10!

When you sign up under me I get some extra points too! So help a girl out! Thanks! Go HERE

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